Feminist in Combat Boots

I took an Oath to protect the Constitution. Now here are my Constitutional rights. Written by Isabella Francis Mazotti

SAAM-The military response to sexual assault prevention

First week into Sexual Assault Awareness month this is the response from the military:

Air Force: they are actually starting to ‘get it’ Kudos Air Force. Obviously they need to continue what they are doing until their are ZERO assaults but it is a great start-finally.

Marine Corps: Great response coming out of Camp Lejeune The rest? The typical ‘zero-tolerance’ lies.

Army: Mixed. They are hosting tons of events for SAAM for awareness.

Coast Guard: Still the worst in the fleet. They are at least a decade behind the rest. I threw up by reading some of what is happening on their facebook page-still dismissing survivors.

Navy: They are using social media to spread awareness. There are SAAM events held throughout the fleet.

I’ll write more later.


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