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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Coast Guard petty officer does soft porn

This story is from 2006 but I just found out now so here I am writing about it.

In 2006  a Coast Guard petty officer did soft porn for a major, national magazine. According to  a Coast Guard public affairs officer, the magazine with the help of the Coast Guard found this petty office to strip almost nude to pose on what looks to be on a Coast Guard base. The body parts that  was covered was done so with Coast Guard issued gear but for the most part remained nude. The article went on to promote the Coast Guard, the work that they do and specifically what this petty officer does. Coast Guard using soft porn to promote themselves, how fucking sick.

Here the photo.






so why am I posting this? No, not cause he is hot (he not my type even though Coast Guard public affairs went gaga over him when questioned by the media) but imagine if it was a woman who posed half nude or-with a bikini top. What if she was wearing a miniskirt? We would have heard it all, whore, slut, women are getting raped at an epidemic rate because look at what they are wearing…but it is okay when a male enlisted member goes in the pages of a national magazine and does what I consider soft porn. Was he dishonorably discharged? Was he called a slut by his own shipmates? Why do I have a feeling that the Coast Guard viewed this as something positive.

Enough with the double standards. If a woman did this she would have been considered a whore so with the same mentality Josh Miramontez is a whore. If a man gets raped was it because men in the Coast Guard go around showing their bodies to everyone who asks? You see how stupid your argument is now Coast Guard?


Death of a Massachusetts National Guardsman veteran-and the Massachusetts National Guard SAPR is STILL THE WORST IN THE COUNTRY

A recent returning veteran of the Massachusetts National Guard who was raped by a fellow Guardsman committed suicide late last week. I do not have much details expect from what she personally told me for months prior to her death.  We talked often, having met at a sexual assault support group and she told me gruesome accounts of what happened to her when she was raped and even worse the way that Lori Alix and Kelly Souza “helped” this woman-aka DID NOT GIVE A DAMM THAT SHE WAS RAPED. For her privacy I won’t go into details about what she told me except that it was disgraceful.

What I do want to talk about is the “improvements” or so they say. The twenty-four hours hotline at 508-889-6644 is still a hit or miss and most often a miss meaning we can not get through. The “Safe Helpline” at times do require up to a 2 hours wait to talk to someone. TWO HOURS WAIT TO TALK TO SOMEONE ONLINE? To be fair that is the DOD headquarters SAPR aka Kaye Whitley and not the Massachusetts National Guard fault but still putting a link to a on-line chatline is not an improvement. It only brings more stress to a survivor. If it was not for pure scientific purposes I probably would not have stayed the entire two hours to wait to chat with someone on line. The actual chat was not worth the two hours wait.

There and Back Again, a combat-veteran PTSD program that is often filled with MEN and many rape survivors find even the website to be triggering let alone the actual program is still up there. It is run by a JAG in the Army , Sue Lynch, so obviously this is a case that they rather please a military officer than to do the right thing and take it off.  If only Sue Lynch if you reading this do what is right and tell them that the safety and protection of rape survivors is more important than shamelessly advertising your program.

Also what is up with that man on http://states.ng.mil/sites/MA/resources/SAPR/default.aspx. Don’t want to look like I am all nit picking but with over 90% of all rapist being MEN many survivors don’t want to be reading about rape and how to get help by looking at pictures of men.

I was raped in the military. I have also worked with rape survivors specifically with NOW and RAINN for many years before RAINN went downhill (NOW still rocks) and unless you been in our shoes you just won’t get it. Massachusetts National Guard, I know you read this on a daily basis (I check IP addresses of people that visit this blog) so take these FREE advice from someone that been there if you are seriously about helping survivors.