Feminist in Combat Boots

I took an Oath to protect the Constitution. Now here are my Constitutional rights. Written by Isabella Francis Mazotti

Air Force survey: Cadets fear racial, religious bias

A recent survey at the Air Force Academy showed mixed results on the school’s efforts to improve religious and racial tolerance and limit sexual harassment.

One hundred and seventy-two cadets, faculty and staff at the academy  say they face religious pressure, mostly from evangelical Christians at the school, and are afraid to complain for fear of reprisals.

The set up of the Air Force Academy as of now is that senior cadets have complete control of first year cadets. With the hierarchy structure one just learns to suck it up even if abuse is occurring. This sets up the “I’m right just because I’m in charge” mindset. This may become abuse if not closely monitored, and it can last a lifetime. Twenty is too young to have almost total control of another adult who can not quit or walk away.

Actually they could quit but it is not a reasonable option. Why should a kid work for years to earn a spot, plan a future around it, and then when some other kid decides to wipe his behind with the Constitution and rub it in his face, just throw it all away? Why should the victim of a crime lose, and the criminal win?


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